• girl sitting with umbrella in rain

    The Rainy Nights

    The soothing fragrance of mud…Khyati writes.. The Rainy Nights Walking on Pune’s streets getting all wet The soothing fragrance of mud is filling my breath Standing still in this beautiful rain hoping to wipe away all my pain I keep waiting for relief through music but all my hope goes in vain Disguising myself in the rain I seem quiet and meek People see them as rain drops but tears roll down my cheek Lost in the chords of guitar the boom and the beat I watch the rain drops dancing at my feet I try catching the drops and can catch only few But the drops that I can’t…

  • Sketch book cover- art appetizer
    Sketch Book

    Mending love

    It takes two, to keep a relationship intact.   Related PostsABOUT ME38Hello there!  My name is Khyati and I work for an IT firm. I am often accused by my friends that I’m the curious bug (जिज्ञासु) who has to know everything. I like to learn new things, listen to soulful music, read, swim, sketch and explore this life! I love…Tags: art, life, love

  • Sketch book cover- art appetizer
    Sketch Book

    Bearing the brunt of the past

    Strength is not only about your ability to carry, sometimes it’s also about your ability to let go.   Related PostsWhy the Pain of Rejection hurts30Why the Pain of Rejection hurts us When the  Shores feel the pain...   "I see the shores getting joyous the moment they are touched by the waves. And then they dry too soon just to know, they're not worthy of the love they crave."          …Tags: life, pain, love, motivation

  • Paer pen love story

    Pen & Paper: A love story

    A love story of pen and paper Pen & Paper: A love story   I glance over my table and there I see the two lying Always in each other’s arms, Lost in a love undying He misses her kisses , her scratches and the way she playfully rolls over him He travels to his world of fantasy where the lights in his castle go dim “To get soaked in the inks she bleed”, is the only desire he wished and grew. He embraces all her colors with genuine love. Be it an inflamed fiery red or the serene blue. On his skin, she imprints her memories He keeps them…

  • Shoes speaking

    If Shoes could speak

    What would they say to you, if they could speak?   If Shoes could speak     A month ago, I and my twin pair had come out of the shoe industry. With no big hopes for future, we knew our span in your life would be transitory. But now that we have our own voice, we can at least let you know our choice, of living lavishly inside your wooden shoe rack, and not lying in your dirty lavatory. And let us tell you that we hate it when you take us for long walks. It’s such a torture to smell your stinky feet. Do you ever mind wearing…

  • girl in specs

    You have no idea of what you have, until it’s gone!

    Always taken for granted – Power Glasses   Always taken for granted – Power Glasses   I remember One chilly Monday morning, when my cold and running nose suddenly blew. My spec’s frame and lenses were on the floor, lying Separated, due to its broken screw. Usually my closed eyes would worry about “future” and care to bother about my “present” much less. What an amusing irony, that my wide open eyes, suffer from high degree myopia, the near sightedness. Bearing my tiny eyes all naked and strained, I could not pay attention to my hectic office work. Not able to analyse the world around me, my mind just got…

  • Khyati Tuli

    Will women ever feel content with the amount of respect and equality they already receive?

    O woman! When will you be respected?   I’ll be respected, When I’ll be living my life as I want and not be fearing any judgements. When I’ll be flying out like a free bird and not be a prey of harassments. When I can shake my messy hair free And not be told to tie it neat. When it isn’t a taboo when I talk about the time of the month when I bleed. When I’m not shamed for speaking up about an incident that happened a decade ago. When my story isn’t looked at with ambivalence while I muster courage and not forgo. When I’m allowed to reach…

  • A child crying in war

    Say No to War

    Say No to War There’s more to the meaning of  a War   With a glimpse, somewhere behind the Indian army parade, of a wooden funeral box where the martyr’s body was laid, A tear rolled down the cheek of the wife of a brave man, who fought till his last breath on a burning hot deserted sand. An old man standing behind her who had just turned seventy one, wiped the wet cheeks of his wife both weeping for the loss of their son. He kept his son’s last letter in the pocket of his coat, and kept consoling the old woman with a lump in his throat. A…

  • Poem on jealousy

    Are you Jealous ?

    Are you Jealous of others? Hi, I’m Jealousy                                                                                                             Hello everybody, I am Jealousy You deny possessing me, but that’s a big fallacy I attack your thoughts and threaten your self-esteem. Your wisdom fades away and my authority stands supreme. I convince you to not pat someone else’s back And you agree as you fear, it might…

  • Girl working on computer screen with spectacles

    A Typical Life of an IT Employee

    A Poem dedicated to Coding…     Dead tired in the night, I was addled by the code written by me. An array of empty tables, chairs and emptiness was all that I could see.    I was getting angry at the system  that converted my input into poop Probably some idiot changed some lines of code and my program went into an infinite loop   I looked around and saw my notebook filled with threatening undecipherable algorithms I was soon getting intimidated and was trying to avoid the upcoming antagonism.   I was now still trying to fix this bug but my neck hurt like hell. I could crumble…